Ranvijay singh dating anusha

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It was a grand destination wedding for the couple, as the was held in Dubai, and the wedding took place in Mombasa, followed by a wedding reception in London.

Millions of followers and fans flooded his social media profile with their congratulatory messages.

Interesting thing was, Anusha’s ex-boyfriend Ranvijay was also present at the event and was cheekily wearing a Seeing the fun vibe between the two, it looks like Anusha does indeed follow her own advice; Ranvijay even popped up on stage to ask her where exactly she got her inspiration (*cough cough*) for this song – Anusha reassured him that it girly pop in the Miss Malini office, Amruta Khatavkar and I had a ball watching the video!

Five seconds into the video, Amruta turned to me and very decisively pronounced her verdict: “I love it already!

He tweeted, “Wanted all of you to know from me, here it is. ” The 31-year-old actor-presenter posted this news on his Facebook and Twitter page on Tuesday night and also teased his fans on Wednesday morning by posting a picture of his which captioned, “Switched from my casuals to suit the occasion. ” Girls across the nation have taken to social media websites to announce how heartbroken they were to hear the news. If we recall last year as well we were overwhelmed by reports of their engagement, but no one was ready to confirm anything.

A little birdie informs us that the future Mrs Singh Singha will be London-based girl Priyanka Vohra.

Rannvijay’s relationship with VJ Anusha Dandekar was public and after it ended in 2009, he has been trying to keep his personal life away from the paparazzi.

Recalling the day when they met for the first time, Rannvijay gushed in an interview earlier: “It was a chance meeting.

She's from London and her relatives are in India, she had come to visit her cousins. Then the next day again we happened to meet at a party, as we had some common friends.

” We can’t wait for you to hear the song – we’ll let you know once it’s out and then maybe you can tell us if it puts you in that girly pop mood also?

:)What we also loved was Anusha’s outfit – we adored her punk Barbie look and especially those shoes that lit up!

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